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Magnolia Park Hotel and Golf Course

Welcome to our consultation website for the regeneration of Magnolia Park Hotel and Golf Club, Boarstall. We will be updating the website as the design and masterplan evolves. The website includes an overview of the proposals and the benefits the owner hopes will bring to the local community and economy.

We have also included some of the challenges we have encountered and we are working with council officers, local councillors and the local community, to find solutions to these.

Emerging Proposals

The regeneration of the Magnolia Park Hotel and Golf Club will provide excellent new facilities, for both tourists and locals, and will be a much improved fit for the future, alongside much needed local jobs:

  • 100 room hotel in a new building, creating 150 permanent jobs both on and off-site generating an estimated £150,000 per year in Local Authority revenue.
  • New tennis court
  • Spa facilities, including a swimming pool and treatment rooms, with public access
  • A new golf club house
  • A 325 square metre events space
  • A fine dining restaurant
  • A new cafe and orangery
  • Associated landscaping, including terraced gardens which will serve to use the natural contouring of the landscape to reduce the visual impact of the new building
  • Opportunities for new wildflower meadows, new tree planting and enhancements to existing  habitats

Proposal Updates

The owner of the Magnolia Park Hotel and Golf Club is committed to the redevelopment of an establishment that will benefit the local community.

All planning and consultation feedback is being carefully considered, to find the most appropriate, inclusive solutions to deliver the project.

Use of glass in construction – The proposed structure will perform as a hotel and large windows are an expectation of such a building. The majority of glazing is south facing onto private land and any reflection from this façade will be mitigated through deep reveals and overhangs, purposely employed to reduce sunlight hitting the glazing and causing overheating. Light bleed will be managed as far as possible, with black out curtains and blinds for all guest rooms.

Use of sedum sectors in undulating roof – The roof is designed to undulate as  continuous material and therefore, it would not be appropriate to include areas of sedum on the main roofs. We have, however, introduced areas of sedum to flat roof areas.

Light Pollution – A Lighting Consultant has been engaged to prepare reports for Planning purposes and feedback has been taken into consideration.

Facilities – The new Hotel and Golf Club will include the facilities already outlined. The hotel will have 100 rooms , an all-day dining and high end restaurant, a Spa with pool and a separate Golf Club House. Also included in the plans are an orangery, as part of one of the restaurants, and a coffee area at the front of the hotel. There are no further plans at the moment.

Staff Accommodation – The hotel will be managed by a branded operator and their input will be required on this. No staff accommodation is planned in the hotel at the moment.

Car Parking – The proposed car parking provision has been considered with respect to both Aylesbury Vale and Buckinghamshire Council’s parking standards and requirements and is suitable to accommodate the forecast demand generated by the proposals. Following pre-application discussing with BCC, the proposed level of on-site parking has been considered appropriate and acceptable to accommodate all demand and to prevent any overspill.

Sound Pollution – An Acoustics Consultant has been engaged to prepare reports for planning purposes and feedback has been taken into consideration.

Ecology – The Ecology Consultant is on board and preparing reports, taking account of all concerns raised and usual planning requirements.

Economic Impact – The Economic Report was drafted as a requirement for planning. We are confident the local community will benefit from the upgraded facilities at this new hotel and take advantage of the spa, golfing facilities and fine dining restaurant.

Construction route – The HGV route through Ambrosden and Arncott is the preferred route and has been chosen as it is seen as the most appropriate and safe route avoiding most of the key highway constraints on the local highway network, irrespective of which county or parish the route falls within. It has also received positive feedback from Bucks Highways

Based on our Highways Consultants  experience of similar construction works, the appointed Main Contractor would have an obligation to adhere to the requirements of the Construction Management Plan. Any sub-contractors or delivery companies not adhering to these requirements and the routing strategy would be turned away, or subject to disciplinary action. This approach has proven to be successful on other construction sites, with a Code of Conduct being introduced.

Operational Traffic – The pre-application report has identified the likely traffic impact of the proposals and the Transport Assessment will consider the traffic impact in more detail on the local highway network.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, please contact Robert Laird of SP Broadway on
07722 014 914 or at robert@spbroadway.com