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SP Broadway is filling a Neighbourhood Liaison Officer role as part of the planning condition for the redevelopment of Abell House and Cleland House, Westminster SW1 during demolition and construction works.


Liaising with a large number (446) of stakeholder residents from neighbouring buildings during the demolition and construction of two residential apartment buildings.


SP Broadway currently:

  • Acts as a 24/7 single point of contact for external queries – filtering all resident queries to our client. This single point of contact is advertised on the Abell and Cleland House website.
  • Manages the distribution of a weekly e-newsletter to all residents outlining the demolition/construction timetable for the forthcoming week. This advance notice of noise, dust and disruption is designed to keep complaints to a minimum and has been well received to date, reducing the volume of telephone calls received by the client.
  • Co-ordinates and manages a monthly Community Working Group Meeting (CWG) to provide a Steering Group mechanism for key residents and other interested parties during the demolition and construction process. Agendas are circulated by SP Broadway in advance and Minutes are hosted on the project website.
  • Manages a tri-monthly Community Liaison Group (CLG) to provide a liaison mechanism for local residents and other interested parties who are less interested in project detail but still want to be kept informed of key project milestones. Agendas are circulated by SP Broadway in advance and Minutes are hosted on the project website.
  • Organises and attends additional meetings with residents and stakeholders as particular issues develop.
  • Manages key community and project team contact databases.


The development is proceeding. Residents are kept well-informed and we respond if residents raise issues of concern (dust, noise, vibration etc).

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