SP Broadway roundtable with senior Government advisor

Last Wednesday SP Broadway held a Politics of Planning Roundtable Breakfast discussion with a senior Government adviser on planning and development.

A range of guests at the planning frontline joined us for an informative discussion of the Government’s plans to build more homes. Key points discussed included:

  • The responsibility of councils to set realistic timelines in Local Plans, and of developers to deliver on promised build-out delivery rates.
  • The shortage of construction skills and labour in the UK, and the impact this has on build-out delivery rates.
  • The peaks and troughs of the construction economy, the impact on housing delivery, and the need to retain housing professionals in the industry through downturns.
  • The need to get local plans adopted by 2017, including a debate on the merits of having a plan in place even if further work/an early review is speedily required.

Warm thanks to all our guests for their contributions to the discussion.

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