Case Study: 325 homes, North Hertfordshire District Council


Our client sought approval for 325 new homes on a greenfield site in Royston, North Hertfordshire.


Whilst there was no opposition to the principle of development on the land, local residents were concerned that the development would stretch Royston’s infrastructure further and increase traffic particularly on the A505 which had an existing issue with traffic.


  • SP Broadway undertook an initial ring-around of key council members to ascertain their views on the potential inclusion of our client’s site in the Local Plan. These calls established the site was in serious contention for inclusion in the draft plan, but ‘not certain’ to be included.
  • We then conducted a comprehensive programme of community consultation which began with a meeting with Royston Town Council Planning Committee and local stakeholders to provide information about the development and answer questions. Feedback provided regarding aspects such as design, housing type and community benefits were incorporated into the emerging plans.
  • We held a community consultation workshop to discuss in more detail aspects of the emerging proposals and to receive feedback. The workshop was attended by representatives from Royston Town Council, Royston BID, Royston Allotment and Gardens Association and Royston Arts Society.
  • We organised a public exhibition to introduce the proposal, and invited 2,826 local residents and 22 stakeholders. 76 attendees filled in feedback forms, providing useful comments for our client.


Royston Town Council Planning Committee voted to approve the application in September 2019.

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