Case Study: Hotel extension, Westminster City Council


Our client sought to bring forward proposals for an extension and improvements to the rear of the London Elizabeth Hotel (near Paddington station) including a new building incorporating guest bed rooms, storage space and additional hotel facilities.


SP Broadway was asked to assist with community relations after the initial proposal was withdrawn following objections from neighbours and other residents, SP Broadway then faced the challenge of addressing concerns and advising on suitable amendments to gain community support ahead of a rescheduled planning application submission. For the resubmission, SP Broadway worked alongside RPS Planning Consultants and Steve Norris (former Conservative MP).


  • SP Broadway sent out a detailed letter to local residents and stakeholders, including South East Bayswater Residents’ Association and Lancaster Gate Freehold Limited, explaining the reasons behind the withdrawal of the previous application, providing an update on the proposed new scheme and encouraging recipients to contact SP Broadway with any questions.
  • We arranged a meeting in November 2018 with community stakeholders and residents to discuss their concerns including Lancaster Gate Housing Association (LGHA). The discussion led to the decision to amend the servicing arrangements for the hotel, with LGHA requesting incorporation of a dedicated loading bay at the rear of the hotel.
  • Following the meeting, we emailed LGHA to update them on the changes that had been made as a direct result of the discussion. The update was acknowledged by LGHA, who raised additional points about access, construction and daylight at the site. We continued to liaise with LGHA on these matters as the proposals progressed towards committee.


The new guest bedrooms were consented on 7 January 2020 by Westminster City Council Planning Committee.

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